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St. David Launches Theory of Swing Records

We had a chance to sit down with Davide Disanto aka St. David, founder of Theory of Swing Records, to learn more about his fascination with classic 90's house music and how it inspired his new label.

In his younger days, David would sit around the radio, tape recorder in hand, waiting for those strictly rhythm timeless classics to go on. "I was going crazy recording all my favorite tunes."

By the time he was 16, he was beginning to DJ/ produce music and buying tons of house records with release dates ranging from 91'-99' David goes on explaining that for him those dates represent the pure essence of house music. He grew his knowledge by studying his records which naturally had a strong influence in his productions. David was trying to recreate the same fascination that originally had taken such a hold of him.

"For me house music is a sort of mission" He says, and nearly 30 years after house music was popularized, it's no surprise that less and less producers are being inspired by that original 90's sound. To counter this, David not only buys past reissues to fulfill his desires, he has also jumped at the opportunity to make this desire come alive by launching Theory of Swing Records.

 Theory Of Swing is giving David an avenue to fulfill his passion. The goal of all the records released on the label is to have "a magic feel of the past." So far, the label is on their 2nd release by The Evidence which consists of both David and his friend Michele Lamacchia also known as Rhythm of Paradise. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for Theory of Swing with 4 more releases in the pipeline—One of them being a secret artist, who according to David is also passionate about bringing classic house vibes back. In the meantime, the first record of the new decade will be released around February and will again be by David.

David will also be releasing a lot of new tracks and EP's on other labels this coming year and is even collaborating with a Chicago legend who will be releasing some of my David's old EP's that he recorded in 2016. 

With support from Sloth Boogie, Bolting Bits, and Maslow Unknown Theory of Swing has seen tremendous growth since their mid 2019 launch. We're looking forward to all the amazing things David and Theory of Swing will accomplish in the coming year and beyond. Great things happen when you do what you love, and you love what you do!

Here's St.David's Guest Mix for Empty Plate Radio:

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