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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

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Meg’s interview was recorded in November 2020. Transcript below:

My first DJ set was at World Headquarters in Newcastle. One of my good pals knew an event’s company that had just started up. It was called Time Trip and it (the gig) was supporting Ben Pearce. I was absolutely shittin' myself to be honest. Never used CDJS before. I was terrified but I was going back-to-back with someone, so it was alright because the guy knew what he was doing so he just sort of guided me through everything. I played a few bangers, and everyone was dancing so as long as everyone was dancing, I was ok. It wasn’t my best set, but I did my best at the time. I really enjoyed it. I had all my friends down supporting me. There were a lot of anxieties before but when it came to it, I just loved it.

In terms of djing becoming a career, I didn’t even realise, really, it could become a career until this year and yeah it started to really take off for me. I started to get more plays and more people started to notice me and that support just pushed me towards thinking, do you know what, I could seriously do this for the rest of my life which is the thing I love the most and do it as a career. It blew me away to be honest and I’m so buzzing. I mean it’s all happened really quickly as well, this year. I’m excited to see where things go.

So, the first part of lockdown – lockdown series 1 – it was a lot easier I thought to find motivation just because I was furloughed and I got myself into a nice little routine of exercising, doing yoga every day, eating fruit and nice big meals, cooking, and spending a lot of the day making music. It was a really nice break from everything to be honest. But then as it went on and on and pubs reopened, I was working in a bar at the time, it got kind of weird and it was just sort of odd that we couldn’t go to raves, but we were still working and in pubs and it was just this really unhappy medium we were at and I didn’t like it at all. And then when we hit second lockdown, I’d just moved houses, moved cities and started a master’s degree and the motivation, there was a lot there just before we went into actual lockdown and then over this course of the lockdown, I’ve just lost all my motivation. It’s been really difficult to find it again because getting into a routine when you’re sort of procrastinating all the time from all your assignments and stuff, it’s kind of really difficult.

My advice to me and other people is to just get into a routine and get up every day. And I know it’s like you’re reliving the same day almost but it’s kind of what we’ve just got to do at the minute. But yeah, just try and switch up your day. Go for a walk in one direction one day and a walk in the other direction another. Eat nice food, cook nice food, and make sure that you’re keeping active, and reading, do anything really to just take your mind off the fact that we can’t go to raves.

For this EP, I don’t really think that I took inspiration from any particular artist as such. But instead, I took my inspirations from experiences and things around me at the time because I made it during the first part of lockdown. And yeah, especially Melbourne Street because it’s where I lived in Newcastle when I was making it and it was just really memorable to me at that moment. And for some reason the song reminded me of the place, and I was like yeah this is what it’s called, and it fit perfectly to be honest and I was really chuffed with it. And yeah, the recognition that I’ve got for it through radio (thanks for saying it’s well deserved by the way, that’s really nice). But yeah, the recognition that I’ve got has been so overwhelming and amazing. It’s been really really nice to be honest to get a bit of validation and the fact that my tunes I’m making are alright.

It’s very motivating and it’s very sort of yeah you are doing the right thing and you keep doing you and that’s the best advice I could give myself to be honest is to not look at other people and compare yourself to other people because I’m just doing me and nobody else can do you better than you. Do you know what I mean?

Thanks for having me on the show. Thanks for supporting my music on Empty Plate Radio. It’s been fabulous.

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