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Premier: Josu Mämmi's Testdrive/Luft EP

Finnish DJ/Producer Josu Mämmi is continuing his versatile set of releases with an adventurous 2-tracker coined "Testdrive/Luft". It's now out on Chaos Lab Records and was released on September 20th, 2019. Testdrive is a sturdy groove-oriented house track with strong electro and idm influences. It was born out of an experimental mindset where normal ways of producing were challenged and sounds were mangled to oblivion. The result is something where infectious generative drumbeats meet ominous drones and a deep oizonian bass. The brooding forceful low end brings sense of inevitability to the track, making it an elegant weapon for the dance-floor. Luft is a fair step to the more emotional side of Josu Mämmi's productions. Its foundation is on the interplay of a rolling bass line, minimalist choir samples and a twisted cello melody. The tracks diverse influences range from minimal house to contemporary classical, resulting in a truly unique and uplifting experience while maintaining a high energy level throughout the track.

This is a new direction for Josu, and is laying the foundation for a colourful set of releases to come.

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Pre-release support from Sasha, Claude von Stroke, Redondo, Horse Meat Disco, Richy Ahmed and Kissy Sell Out

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