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Premier: Etari's "Healing Herself" EP

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

A moment of deep reflection caused by a 4 month social media hiatus resulted in a hypnotic 5 track EP titled "Healing Herself" on Yellow Island Records.

Los Angeles DJ/producer Etari is no stranger to the negative effects of social media, so (being braver than most) she took it upon herself to drop off the map. During this time, she began producing tracks that were reflective of the emotions she was experiencing, "that’s why there’s a special name for each one."

For example, “Where The Light Pours In” is an expression that no matter what you’re going through, all things pass & the light will always pour back in. “Less Words, More Looking at the Sky” is all about learning how to be in the present moment & getting in tune with your true nature. & “Just Breathe” is a gentle reminder to trust in the process, and to trust in yourself. The vibe of the EP is very lofi-esque and intuitively atmospheric. She peppers low fidelity noise throughout each track with an emotional, melodious touch— A vibe she loves to showcase within the music she produces.

"This project truly opened up my artistry on a whole different level" Etari says. She feels that different people will be able to resonate with the EP in their own specific way. Needless to say, it's a special release, and a special release like "Healing Herself" deserves an equally special label to release it on. This is where Yellow Island Records comes in. They're a Brazilian record label based in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. They are self-described on Bandcamp, as "exploring connections beyond geographic boundaries of electronic music around the globe." Etari happened to connect with the label through Soundcloud and they welcomed her in like one of their own.

It's safe to say, Etari's "Healing Herself" EP is in good hands and she's happy. Now it's time to listen and enjoy!

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