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From Day to NUIT

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

If you haven't yet heard, Gina Martins aka NUIT was Empty Plate Radio's first guest mix and she absolutely killed it. To honor of this feat, we decided to give her a proper showcase on Stories so all of you could get to know this beast of a DJ.

It goes without saying that if you want to be a DJ, you gotta love music. You have to listen to track after track for hours to make sure each song flows nicely with the others. Whether or not you play these tracks in your final set is up to you, but a foundational knowledge of each is recommended if you're to walk up to the booth and not feel completely f*cked. The same goes for curating a playlist or a radio show, both of which are exactly where NUIT's journey with music begins.

It all started as a hobby, NUIT was making playlists for her friends which forced her to explore new genres of music. Naturally, her love for music grew. This carried on to university when NUIT began attending Florida International University (FIU). Eventually she would join WRGP Radiate FM as a DJ for a rotation show. She was there for about 2 and a half years doing specialty shows like chillwave/vaporwave, post dubstep/ambient techno, and a shoegaze/dreampop show. As her passion and skill flourished , she became RPM director and helped develop programming. *Cough* What a boss *cough*.

Throughout this time, the art of mixing on CDJ's enticed her and little by little she would learn how to mix at FIU from other resident DJ's. But when she left, mixing took a back seat. "I put DJ plans on hiatus because I didn't know how to start mixing in Miami." After a while, NUIT stumbled upon FempowerMIA and took their 8-week course on mixing with other femmes. At the end of the 8 weeks, the feminist collective held a showcase at Floyd and everyone who took the course got to DJ. "That experience was gratifying because I knew I had the talent to keep going." So she did.

Following that showcase, NUIT has played at PAMM, Gramps, house parties, and is the resident DJ at Barter Wynwood for an event called 'Well Being'. She also hosts a rotating show on Jolt Radio. She mentioned that she definitely sees "a lot more female DJ's since being part of Miami's local scene." Which underscores the idea that if you're not part of the local scene, female DJ's aren't as apparent. "Overall, I think Miami's mainstream parties need to work harder on booking more female acts." and I completely agree. With DJ's like NUIT, Sister System, GAMI and our hella talented LGBTQ community, diversity within the scene is sure to grow.

All in all, we enjoyed having NUIT on Empty Plate Radio and are looking forward to future collaborations, as well as watching her grow not only professionally but also personally. Cheers to you NUIT!

If you couldn't catch her set, here's your chance

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