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Liam's interview was recorded in December 2020 for Empty Plate Radio. Liam Doc is a rising producer/dj from Livingston Scotland and a FLY resident at ‘Cabaret Voltaire’ Night Club in Edinburgh, he was recently signed to Denis Sulta’s Label with his EP ‘East Coast Edits' Transcript below:

CP Here we are for another episode of quick fire Q&A with Liam Doc on Empty Plate Radio. Thanks very much for coming on

LD No worries man, thanks for having me

DP First question is how old were you when you first started DJing and where was your first club set?

LD So, I think I was 23 or 24. I hadn’t done it for a while. The first proper gig I did was at Hector’s House, Edinburgh in Room 2. I literally played to the three other DJs that were on the bill and that was it. There was nobody there, it was so empty but yeah it was class

CP Yeah, I’d take that for a first gig, playing Hectors. That’s not bad Well I’m obviously still new to it but mine was in a basement bar in Leith (in Edinburgh), not a club but I was playing just to my mates as well. I take it you’re not still playing the tunes you were playing back then?

LD No, I mean my style has always been a bit all over the place and I like playing a lot of different genres and sub genres. I’m due to check my record box but there’s probably still a couple that were maybe in the same box as back then

CP I saw you at the Sub Club a few times for your launch on Salta’s Label and was it Fly Open Air last year you had as well? Big venues and big festivals. Post lockdown, what club or festival do you want in your email inbox just saying come and play?

LD I think Subby would be poetic. I was the last person to play a song at Sub Club and imagine if I could be the first person back in! I don’t know how it’s going to work but if I could be the first person back in that would be sick

CP What is your favourite venue or festival you’ve played at in the past?

LD Room 2 (Sub Club) was really sick when I played back-to-back with Sulta. They totally changed the layout of the club so you weren’t playing in the booth. He wanted the decks on the floor so it was like in the middle of the room. It was a really class gig and was bouncing from the first minute so it was sick

CP Who is your dream back to back?

LD Probably Jamie XX. He’s been the biggest influence since I started out making tunes and I think I’d have a proper fan boy moment at that point

CP Yeah you play a lot of his stuff on Headphone Listening. The episode of the Kamus was great. He’s class as well. He’s the opening track to the mix for this episode. ‘Wagwarn Zeze’. We played your Beyonce rework last month. That clip from YouTube when you played that and everyone’s singing along, that’s brilliant. Do you watch that back a lot?

LD I wouldn’t say a lot. I think that first week after the Boiler Room I was probably half the views that were wracked up but I think that’s just normal maybe..

CP Yeah, I think that’s normal (both laughing). You’ve played a Boiler Room set so what advice would you give to any young DJ whose end goal is to play Boiler Room?

LD I think I got quite lucky just because of who I was in with and Fly had asked me to be a resident not long before that opportunity came up

CP I wouldn’t say lucky, you’ve still got to have some talent to get there.

LD I suppose (laughing). I’m a big believer in PMA - positive mental attitude – and I’ve had Boiler Room on my list of things I’ve wanted to tick off in my music career for years. I don’t know if ‘willing it’ is good advice but starting your own night and making yourself known and almost making it to the point when these bigger promoters and festivals have to take notice of you and the only way you can do it is carve out your own patch and your own sound and putting out songs that folk are vibing with and playing sets that folk are talking about for two weeks after. So, I would just say putting on your own night and creating your own vibe is probably the best way to go. If you build up your own wee local fan base and regulars, you’re onto a winner anyway.

CP Brilliant, good advice. Lastly, when can we expect the next release from Liam Doc?

LD So the next release is going to be on ‘Shall Not Fade’. It’s a six track EP called ‘KTOI TRAX’ so that’s out in March

CP Right, so when that comes out make sure that everyone who’s listening, everyone in Miami, gets onto that or just my four mates who’ll be listening to this (both laughing). Thank you so much Liam for coming on. You’ve been great and great advice. Cheers.

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