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Céline and the Blue: A Music Family

Céline & The Blue are a female fronted soul/ jazz band from Guildford, England. The band consists of guitarist Jay, drummer Elliot, keyboardist Enea, bassist Horatiu and of course, vocalist Céline. Their journey began at university where Elliot, Enea, Jay, and Céline coincidentally all took the same stagecraft class. By that time Céline was already a trained vocalist performing solo gigs, but she saw an opportunity to change things up. She began collaborating on two songs with Enea but was looking for a band to back them up. "It came about very quickly" says Celine. Jay and Elliot were were almost immediately interested in joining after being pitched the idea by Celine and Enea. They later teamed up with Horatiu and Céline & The Blue was born in September 2018.

The band is inspired by Tom Misch, Leon Bridges, Lianne La Havas and Anderson .Paak. However, they individually manifest further inspiration while they play. For example, you can hear some John Mayer in Jay's guitar, Anomalie in Enea's keys, Thundercat in Horatiu's basslines, Steve Jordan in Elliot's groove, and some Sara Bareilles in Céline's vocals. Their music is heavily rooted in jazz though, why? "Other genres don't have the same effect on us." Céline says, "Jazz makes us feel good; we bob our head like pigeons!". Onstage, if the audience looks closely, Céline has to actively keep herself from laughing because of how happy jazz makes her.

We know what you might be thinking: "Are Céline & The Blue going to play renditions of forgotten jazz classics the whole time?" Maybe 1 or 2, but most of what you'll hear is original music. Naturally, we asked about the writing process to get a closer look at the band's chemistry. Here's how it goes: Enea starts with a chord progression, then Céline writes a topline melody and lyrics over that. When they think they've got something, they show the song to the band and together they arrange everything. Add embellishments here, sparkles there, a splash of color, solos, motifs and progressions to enrich the piece.  Boom. You've got a lustrous track, much like the one here:

Céline & The Blue practice just about anywhere they can, because unfortunately not everyone has a million dollar recording studio. Think, university practice rooms and small living rooms. No excuses! They're here to make music. Céline & The Blue is a music family. "We really admire each other for what each one of us brings to the group". During their shows is when they get a chance to appreciate each other to the fullest "that's when we are aligned with both our bodies and minds." And at the end of every show, you can catch them coming together for a band hug filled with smiles from ear to ear. It's easy to see how the band compliments each other so well, both in their music and as friends.

If you so happen to be in the Guildford area during the month of October, you can catch Céline & The Blue at KOMO on Wednesday, the 30th. If you miss it, keep your eyes peeled for a new track coming out in November. It's a matured version of the band's first release "Just You" and will highlight how the band has developed from then. "It's vibey and soulful with a hint of darkness" the song is about learning to be alone. They are also in the works of planning a fews gigs around London next. Alongside shows, they want to expand our brand, set up merch, open up a newsletter subscription, and start uploading videos about band life on YouTube. We're really excited to see and hear more from Céline & The Blue, these guys (and girl) are going places. Cheers!

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